Hi there, I’m Neena a follower of Christ, a wife, mom and chef. I’ve been inspired by God to speak my mind about topics He has taught me in my lifetime. I’m sure I will be learning many many more things as I go along, through my lifetime and hopefully through you as well. God has seen me through so many things in my life, I pray that they can help you with some of the things you may have or are or will be going through in your life.

It’s hard to go through things sometimes when you feel no one can possibly understand what you’re going through. I pray that when you read certain topics, comments or suggestions in this blog that they will help you to feel you are NOT alone.

I am not a professional writer (yet). I may not use the correct grammar and I will make many errors, I’m so grateful for auto-correct! What you will get from me is truth as I see it. I’m not at all going to promise you that it will always be right but I can promise you that I am going to do my best to just say it how I see it.

I’m here to hopefully encourage the best I can and talk about topics I feel may be important to you. I would love for you to write to me about a topic you would like some “wisdom” on, that isn’t offensive or vulgar. If that’s your intention is the latter and if that’s who you are, please find another blog, this one is not for you…

There is enough garbage in the world this is for those who need something better than garbage to “chew” on. Let’s do It!

Trust God

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