Love Eradicates Fear

Straight Talk No Sugar Added


God is LOVE! Love Eradicates Fear……

This year should not reflect your last year, especially if you are determined to move forward. It’s time to step out of the box and believe God for more increase in your life, more spiritual Growth, more Rhema word, more vision, more ideas, more boldness, more character building and more love.

Rhema word- in Greek it means “an utterance” it’s hearing the word of God. The way to hear the word of God more clearly is to read the bible and learn more about the Lord and His calling in your life.

If we are not walking in love we should consider how we are coming to God because God is love and only operates in Love.

Check yourself if you are walking and operating in Strife, hate, unforgiveness and anger. Get rid of that so you can work in the love of God.

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