Keeping it real! 

For so many years friends ad family have been telling me to write a book! Write a book, are they crazy? Who wants to sit and read my life story? I wouldn’t want to depress anyone…. 
When I was in my very early 20’s many many moons ago I felt a fire in my belly to write a book so I got my electric typewriter and started writing, I stored it on a floppy disk.. Remember those, the new wave of technology? Well anyway my brother in law at the time needed to borrow it to write a paper or something so I let him borrow it but I left the floppy disk inside and well as you guessed I never got it back.  I was up to about 3 chapters or so of my ground breaking best seller…. I figured if it was meant to be I would write again. That was 20 years ago, now I feel like I have been through so much since then that “this book” is going to take me and you through some journeys that only God can explain why you picked up my amazing new block buster hit! (Coming soon Of course)
 If you know me and hopefully if you don’t you will get to know some of me in “this book”, you will know that I am not the most gushy, mushy sensitive type person, but I tell it like it is with truly the best intentions at heart.
So here I am at 5 o’clock in the morning, just praying to God and asking for Revelation and a breakthrough in my life in the areas of finances and my health because I am so tired of struggling and struggling struggling all the time. I need something to change and transform me from all the things that I’ve have gone through in my life to this moment. 
I need to figure out what has been holding me back. Where was that moment in my life that has caused me to not fight for my health, I’m 100lbs overweight but feel like I should be healthy. I’m struggling financially but feel like I should be wealthy enough not to have to be worried or concerned on how to pay for the basic bills of life. I have this book in my heart but don’t have the guts to get it done!
I mean I think I may have a grand total of $500 in my account and that’s a lot for me because I’m always living paycheck to paycheck. And once I pay my debt that $500 is gone and I need to start all over again to try to make as much money as possible to pay for my next set of bills and debt. Who wants to live like that… who? I don’t know anyone who wants to live like that… do you want to live like that? Do you live like that? 
This is why am up at 5 o’clock in on a Saturday morning just trying to figure out exactly why why why? 
Why do I have to? what is the root of why some seem to be in a much better life financially, mentally, spiritually, physically and here I am an equal human being just like they are, I’m a child of God, why am I living like this? 
What is holding me back? What is coming against the calling in my life to have an abundant life? 
I’m not just talking about just financially or physically but what about socially, mentally, emotionally, what about all those areas in life that I want to live fully and wholly, the areas I know God has for me.
This are the things that make you go hmmmmmm?? 
Time to break through the ceiling and find out what’s up there? Am I in the basement and there will be more ceilings the break through? Will there be a roof top and I’m nearly there or will there be clear skies because I broke through the final ceiling? I’m excited to find out! Either way I’m no longer staying put! 

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  1. youve always been a strong independent woman.. You and I both know God has more planned for you and it will come when his time is ready for you to have it!! I love you very very much and I’m in your corner all the way. I have faith you’ll reach that goal, look at all the one’s you’ve already achieved. Keep on doing what you’re doing!!😘. I love you prima..


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