Stepping out in faith

I get all these amazing nuggets spending time with God. He speaks to me very strongly at times, at times He speaks once and doesn’t repeat Himself which leaves me questioning if I really heard Him and there are times He’s just quiet. I do love when He speaks and gives me a revelation.

In 2007 I was praying to God and I felt in my heart a very strong desire of going back to school to become a chef. Since I was a child it’s all I used to dream of when I used to watch Julia Child on PBS. I loved her so much and tried to imitate her whenever I could. But that was childish things and now I was a mom of 2, a wife in a blended family, step mom of 2 and never got a chance to go to college and  working full time as a medical assistant which I did for 15 years. Why in the world was God putting this in my heart, this made no sense.

I didn’t know about school, classes, how to even pay for it and quite frankly I was terrified. So I decided that I am fine at the job I have. But God! He was persistent. I was starting to get anxiety attacks at work, I was feeling down, frustrated and started hated my job. I just couldn’t understand what was happening. So…..

I got on my knees when no one was home and cried out to God and said; Lord if it is your will for me to go to school and become a chef, you need to come down here physically and tell me I am released to quit my job and go back to school. If you do not come down here physically I am not going. I mean it. Amen.

About 30-45 minutes later my husband comes home from work and he says; “Honey, I was worshiping in the car and I heard God say that I needed to tell you that you are released” WHAAAAAAATTTT! I started weeping. I can’t believe God used my husband to come down here physically and tell me I am released. YEP that really happened.

I went into the next room, typed up my resignation letter and took it to work the next day with a two week notice. If God answered me I had no more excuses, I must believe this is His call for me and step out in faith..

So a week later I am driving to the local college to sign up for school and I had absolutely no idea how I was going to pay for school, so I said; Father in heaven, since you released me, you know my needs and I need you to please pay for college, you are my father after all, and I do not have any money…. Long story short. God paid for College alright. He paid for my certification first, all my uniforms and equipment, my associates degree, my transportation and then I had the nerve to ask him to pay for my Bachelor’s degree and He did that as well, I finished my current education with absolutely no loans or debt owed to any school or anybody….. God is faithful!!!

I work hard and I am totally grateful for all God has done, is doing and will do in my life….

I am currently a Head Chef/Manager of a location I absolutely love and feel so confident that at this point in my life I am walking in my calling.

Do you believe God or are you stuck in fear, discouragement, excuses or waiting for someone else to do it for you? Step out in faith…. God is truthful and faithful He will not fail you ever!

Do you have a testimony you can share to encourage others to step out in faith?


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