Is your mind still in Egypt (part 3)



Why do we struggle to believe God? We walk around more fearful than we need to be. Some reasons seem ‘reasonable’ and some are not logical reasons at all. If I was walking down a dark alley (I wouldn’t do that) and what looks like dangerous guys were walking behind me, I would be fearful. But I’m talking about when we are in fear for no logical reason. God has a plan for you. He knows all of your trials and situations and He knows the purposes He has for you and wants you to come out on top of it all. Don’t be afraid of what He asks of you, it’s for you… Easier said than done, huh?

Why is that? Why is it easier said than done? What are we missing? God knew we would encounter fear, of course, but God breaks all fear, yet we let fear be our ‘god’ sometimes.

In Exodus 2 Moses was found by Miriam the daughter of Pharaoh, an Egyptian who raised him and when Moses grew up he killed and Egyptian for beating an Israelite and had to flee for His life.

In Exodus 3 Moses sees a burning bush (that’s not burning) and starts to speak to God! How amazing is that, right? That he gets to speak to God one on one, a man that was thrown in a basket, raised by someone else, a murderer and a fugitive.

The Lord tells Moses how He hears the cry of His people and how He is going to rescue them and send them to a land flowing with milk and honey (vs. 7-9) . Here comes the catch….

Exodus 3:10 (NIV) 10 So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt.”

Moses is like… you-who? and he wasnt talking about the chocolate drink. God said “He heard the people crying and He (the Lord) is going to rescue them…. and then He says, so now go.

Wow! do you see that? If God is saying He’s going to rescue them and then says so now you go, that must mean we walk in the authority of God. That, us going to do what He tells us is just like Him doing it Himself. He uses us to do His work. We are needed to complete the task. Wow… if we truly get that in our spirit, no devil in hell would be able to stop us from doing anything!

Exodus 3:11-14New International Version (NIV)

11 But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” 12 And God said, “I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you  will worship God on this mountain.”

HALT….Hold up, wait a minute……… Moses is talking to GOD! Umm… TO GOD! and when God gives him the directive and he immediatly becomes more fearful of the task than God… isn’t talking to God bigger than the task? Like HELLO!!!!

So I ask you.. What has God told you to do and you are too fearful to obey even though you know that God said it?🤔

vs 12 God doesn’t answer Moses’s question “who am I”, that’s not the issue, it’s his fear God has to address. God has to reasure him; I will be with you Moses and you will see that I am the one sending you…. See God has to constantly show us first that He is with us so that we can have the confidence and trust that we need to go and do what He is asking us to do. We take people at their word faster than we take God at His…. God is patient, He knows that if we are sure than we can assure others.

The best part of that verse is When you have brought the people out of Egypt. Key word is WHEN! God is absolutely, 100% positive you will succeed in whatever He has called you to do. AMEN!  Moses completly missed that part because he was walking in fear of what he knew in the past and not focused on the power and authority that is right infront of him.. He must have been thinking, I killed one of them, Pharoah will surely kill me, then what?! 

Our past mistakes can feel like a Pharoah in our lives. It’s coming to get us and we will surely pay for it dearly or die. BUT GOD! He didn’t say; maybe when you, or I hope you try… nope! He Said When! which tells me that it’s a 100% deal that you will succeed, becaue God would not bring you to it and not get you through it. Amen!!!


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