Retreat 301 at the Morehouse

I was so truly blessed this weekend at this amazing retreat that is hosted by We Want More ministries in Bridgeport CT. God spoke to me in so many ways.

One of the things I secretly wanted from God was words of knowledge/prophetic words. He didn’t dissapoint. There are so many nuggets to this weekend it’s difficult for me to to write it all down.

First off it is so necessary for me to take the time to get away for these retreats because my life is so busy and full of things always happening, that I personally need to get refreshed and take the time to spend with God on purpose. Life gets crazy and at times overwhelming, frustrating or boring. I love life for sure, but I love it even more with God completly involved.

A couple of cool things that happend was that we had speakers that taught us some pretty amazing things about our time, finances and health. We had time to spend with God and see what he had to say to us personally and as a group of women.

He was showing me things and helping me be bolder about speaking things I see whether I was right or wrong. We had an amazing artist named Rosie Jon come and paint for us, she’s amazing and she paints with her feet. When I walked into the room an saw the plain canvas I heard from God, she will be walking on the canvas. I didn’t say anything, then towards the end, she walks on the canvas…. whoa, I almost lost it!!!

Then when we are praying over eachother and he showed me a woman who will be coming out with an album and it will reach beyond the church and help those who hear it…. then she tells us that her first album is coming out in November…. whoa, are you kidding me?!!

Then for another woman I see an oak tree bending before her and giving her gifts that she can just reach out and grab. She then tells me that she had a favorite kids story that was about and oak tree and that her love language is gifts… then she texted me this moring and told me that a friend gave her an amazing gift just because. Ha!!! I love it!

Those are just a few examples of how He knew what I needed secretly. I wanted to know he could hear me and I can hear him…. so cool DAD thank you!

I truly encourae you to take some time out to go to a retreat if you haven’t done so already, it is soooo worth your time.

For retreat info:

For Artist Rosie Jon:





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