Is your mind still in Egypt (part 2) 


Straight Talk No Sugar Added

Joseph was promised the land that was promised to his father Israel (Jacob), but after his father died he came back to Egypt where he had some authority but was still bound under Pharaoh. His brothers and their families were also in Egypt with him.

We need to be careful what we are accepting in our lives and putting up with  because what we accept can effect the next generations that are coming from us- our children and our children’s children. Sounds a lot like generational curses to me.

I have said and have heard so many people say “well obesity runs in my family”, “addictions run in my family”, “depression runs in my family”, “illness runs in my family” “children out of wedlock” divorces” etc. and we just accept it as; it is what it is and that’s it, just have to live with it! 

Where and when…

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