This is about my personal journey with shame and how I overcame it. click below to see the story and interview with Kelly Belarie on Journey together summit. Shame

Hi there this is Neena Perez with straight talk no sugar added, life topics the way I see them. I am on a quest for you and me to have a positive transformative mindset. If you’re with me, please comment below and say Hi! Give me some hearts to show some love! The reason all... Continue Reading → I am thrilled to announce The Journey Together Summit. The FREE sessions (40+ videos) will help you seize new faith, love, and passion for God! Join me and 40 fabulous authors and leaders (see some of the fantastic speakers below). We are opening the books of our life to share some of the hardest... Continue Reading →

Chose the kind of fruit you want to eat. Here is my latest facebook live about the power of your words.The video has some spots that are not clear but the audio is very clear. sorry about that, not sure why that happened. Anyhoo, enjoy and please share the video and page.   Proverbs 18:21... Continue Reading →

Stepping out in faith and starting my Facebook live series, my blog and my podcast! Thank you for being a part of my journey!

Had such a privilege interviewing Kelly Belarie author Of  Fear Fighting.and her new book Battle Ready! Kelly gets real! She makes you self examine your motives for what you do and how you think so you can conquer challenges, defeat doubt and live victoriously! She fills you with every scripture that combats your negative thinking.... Continue Reading →

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